Milk & Dairy

U.K. DAIONI Wales organic milk

Daioni Organic pride itself on the quality of our organic milk, from home-grown cows that freely roam the grassy climbs of West Wales. Through the combination of happy cows, fertile soils and abundant grass, Daioni has found the winning formula for delicious, flavoursome and quality milk

China Momchilovtsi

Momchilovtsi is a Chinese brand of drinkable yogurt produced by Bright Dairy & Food. Made from Lactobacillus bulgaricus imported from Bulgaria, it was inspired by the yogurt in the village of Momchilovtsi, Bulgaria.

Danmark EMBORG

A delicious meal starts with natural ingredients. We select our ingredients based on where they have the best growing conditions. With expertise and passion, we make sure that our quality standard meets your requirements for real taste.