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Bringing you the best beef has always been our goal.
It’s why we’ve created alliances and partnerships; become
a preferred employer in our communities; and earned
the respect as America’s premier beef company.​​​​​​​​​​​​

U.S. National Beef Prime Ribeye, lip-on

The boneless ribeye, lip-on may be prepared from any rib item meeting the end requirements of Item N0. 109.
Ribeye is full of flavour with a supremely tender texture and superior marbling.

U.S. National Beef Prime Striploin, Boneless

U.S. National Beef Prime Striploin, Boneless
The boneless item is prepared from any loin item that meets the end item requirments. 
The item on the rib end displays the 13th rib marks and shell follow the natural curvature of the 13th rib.

U.S. National Beef Prime Short Rib, Boneless

Short rib is the diaphragm muscle. It’s attached to the inside abdominal wall by a system of thick connective tissue, which needs to be carefully trimmed away. 

U.S. National Beef Prime Top Blade Muscle

U.S. National Beef Choice Beef Brisket

Taken from the area around the breastbone, the brisket is basically the chest or pectoral muscle of the animal.

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