Are you retain me? - Coren Spain Luncheon Meat
Coren Spain Luncheon Meat
-This Luncheon meat got ISO22000 certificate to prove their food safety.
-The Iberian Pig are feed with mix of cebo and cereals, and also some fruit like acorn when they growing outdoors.
-This Luncheon meat contains 92% lean meat, 60% is the Iberian pork lean, the other 32% is also lean, but not from Iberian pork, but is still quite lean. 
-Processed at 115°C to eliminate germs, ready to serve
-3 delicious flavours to choose from
Now available at point of sale!
Malaysia Premium Grade Durian

Malaysia Premium Grade Durian - Rich in protein and antioxidants Good for spleen, kidney and lungs Good source of fibre and energy Contains higher levels of antioxidants than other Asian fruits of a similar ripeness Vitamin C, potassium, and the serotonergic amino acid tryptophan